A Time and a Season


After five years and two months from June, 2013 (when the story idea first began growing in my mind), the final two books in the Tales of Buttercup Grove series were released (on August 7th, 2018). It’s truly quite a process from story seed to book release. And it’s a process where nearly every human emotion is felt–from the excitement of the creation phase, to the often anxiety producing deadlines, to the incredible feeling when the first copies are delivered to your doorstep and you hold that book to your chest, as if it were a long awaited friend who has finally reached your doorstep. And like our life’s journey, there is a time and a season for every phase of a book, and nothing can be hurried, or avoided.

As a believer in the value of reading, I’m super excited about the Tales of Buttercup Grove early reader series. When children begin sounding out words and putting syllables together, something inside of them happens…they begin to see themselves as readers. They begin to see themselves as capable. And they begin to realize that nearly anything is possible. I’m grateful to play a small part in the lives of children by offering books that not only help them learn to read, but help them learn Christian virtues along the way.

There are many fun, educational free downloads available at talesofbuttercupgrove.com. Even if you don’t own the books, please stop by and download the activities–they’re free for everyone.

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  1. I’m thankful you pursued your vision and brought these Tales of Buttercup Grove to life! The free supplements are a great idea. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Thomas, I appreciate your feedback and am glad to know you’re enjoying the free worksheets and activities. Skunk, Raccoon, and all the woodland critters are grateful for friends like you!


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